Carla Panciera
Rowley, MA

Bio: Author of One of the Cimalores (poetry; Cider Press, 2005); No Day, No Dusk, No Love (poetry; Bordighera Press 2010); Bewildered (short stories; University of Massachusetts Press, 2014). Teacher, Ipswich High School.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Carla, I’m now an assistant editor at New World Writing, Rick Barthleme’s lit journal. Am wondering if you have something you’d like to submit. No pay and it’s online, not print, but the ongoing lineup of contributors is impressive. In case you don’t recognize my name, we met at the N’port Lit Festival. I live in Ipswich, out on the Neck and am a friend of Myf Collins. Hope to hear back from you. Best, Joan


    • Hi Joan:

      Of course I remember you. You also stopped by the poetry stand last fall! This journal looks intriguing. I didn’t know about it but will spend some time reading from past issues. I don’t have anything ready right now (why, oh why, does it take me soooo long?), but I will definitely keep it in mind!

      Thanks for thinking of me. Hope to see you at the Lit Festival again this year.



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