What’s in a blog?

Can you hear me? Is anybody out there? Day one trying to blog (everyone does it, right? How hard can it be?) and I’m getting the feeling that it’s me and my screen. And the one thing I’ve been decisive about throughout the setting-up-a-blog-and-website process is this: I haven’t done anything alone. If I could find out a way to subtitle my blog, I would use the Tennyson line from Ulysses: I am a part of all that I have met.

One of my students said it best last year: “You are not the protagonist.” I love that line and, five decades in, it’s easy to see that you might dream out your life alone, but you don’t get anywhere that way. So, here’s to future blogs celebrating the inspiration gleaned from others.

If, in fact, I am doing any of this set-up stuff right.


And here’s the first shout out to Sarah Yaw (check her out at sarahyaw.com) who said, “Get going, already. Blog.”

7 thoughts on “What’s in a blog?

  1. Sarah Yaw was right. You have lots to say, lots to share and now a place to do it from. Best of luck from accross the Atlantic,


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